Roller Manufacturer

High Quality Roller Manufacturer Services

When your quality control and success depend on the accuracy in design and manufacture of your industrial rollers there is no room for sloppy fabrication of your critical capital equipment. Your rollers need to be able to work for the duration of their expected lifespan (or longer!) without surprise, failure or early degradation. Anything less simply ends up being a false promise and, worse, it can damage other equipment as well. No company should be concerned about premature failure or poor performance of their industrial rollers. There are enough other daily challenges to keep you busy.

​With R2R Engineering, the quality of our equipment starts day one with tight-tolerance specs and design intended to provide long life cycles and the lowest failure probability in the industry. When you invest in capital equipment for your manufacturing process and operations, you should expect to receive exactly what was ordered from a roller manufacturer to the full capacity promised and guaranteed. R2R Engineering takes this commitment seriously with every product shipped, every day.

Heat Transfer Rollers

​The effectiveness and efficiencies provided by R2R Engineering’s heat transfer rollers provide the best performance in the industry. R2R Engineering can manufacture per print, design from-the-ground-up, or tweak a current design for better performance, whatever our customer demands.

Our goal: to match our customers with the exact rollers required to meet their needs/goals. Anything more and our customers are spending unnecessary money; anything less and the success of their business is at stake. Our customers’ engineers and millwrights don’t have to figure out how to adjust or jury-rig rollers into their equipment – it is always a seamless integration.

Often referred to as heat transfer rollers, chill rollers, water rollers, hot oil rollers, etc. – these industrial process rollers go by many names. Whether “single shell”, “double shell”, “mono-flow”, “duo-flow” (sometimes called “dual-flow”), “cross-flow”, etc., our team helps our customers make the most informed decision on their equipment purchases. We pride ourselves in our ability to explain and educate our customers about industrial rollers, and more specifically heat transfer rollers, whenever they ask.

​Once a customer sees the additional benefits of working with R2R Engineering, they understand the added intrinsic value of working with us. Regardless of your temperature requirements, strength requirements, or the coating or finish required on your heat transfer roller(s), we can provide you a solution.