Chrome Rollers

Chrome Rollers Increase Production Standards

There are many reasons why chrome plating is so often used as the coating of choice for process rollers in the web manufacturing and converting industries. Chrome is cost effective, corrosion resistant, wear resistant, hard, has the ability to be very highly polished (mirror finishes), and can take matte and satin finishes too. As with most industrial processes, not all chrome is created equal, and not all chrome deposition methods and processes are the same.

R2R Engineering will ensure that your process rollers are getting the appropriate amount and type of chrome plating for your application, and can spec specialty processes as needed per your custom application(s). Some details to consider when identifying chrome plating as a coating include:

  • ​Desired surface finish (smoothness) can dictate thickness of chrome retained on the body of the roller
  • Requirement to bake the coating after plating to remove hydrogen embrittlement
  • Level of corrosion resistance needed
  • Temperature changes and how they will affect the growth of the chrome and underlying materials due to coefficient of thermal expansion
  • Any other underlayment or substrate coatings (copper, nickel, zinc, etc)
  • Always Use Protective Roll Covers Where They Apply

When these details are considered and the proper coating (thickness, process, surface finish, underlayment) is selected your chrome rollers will perform at their greatest potential and have the longest lifecycle possible reducing your mean time between repairs (MTBR).

Don’t forget to consider protecting your chrome (and other critical) process rollers with our protective roll covers. They can be custom made to fit any roller and will keep your rollers free from damage on their bodies when in storage and/or not in operation. Imagine getting ready to install a critical spare process roller only to find out there is damage to the body and you can’t finish the install and restart your process line! Your web manufacturing line is a tremendous capital investment, and your rollers are the heart of the system, please make sure to give them the attention and care they deserve.

You have invested significantly in your machinery assembly, so the last thing you want is for your production product to end up producing roller damage unnecessary. But that can happen quite fast after thousands of hours of exposure to chemical reactions and friction. No amount of lubricant or protectant can prevent roller damage from occurring under such conditions. Thus, roller covers are essential, and they need to be made from the right material to insure efficiency and long life as well.

Your roller system is a production investment, so it needs to be protected. R2R Engineering regularly provides clients multiple choices for roller covers, enhancing their movement system as well as protecting it from preventable damage. Don’t prematurely destroy your capital equipment investment using poor substitutes, ill-fitting covers or worse, not using any protection at all. Your rollers will serve you well with a long life-span when matched with the right roller cover as well. R2R Engineering can help get you set up with the right fit of protective roll covers.