Idler Rollers

Don’t Forget the Idler Rollers

As one of the unsung heroes in the machines of web manufacturing and converting operations, idler rollers regularly provide critical support and movement via long-distances. Their function, while relatively simple at first glance, is critical to the quality and output of any web manufacturing line. These rollers don’t get much fanfare but they are essential to the function of modern movement systems. R2R Engineering regularly designs, builds and produces idler rollers for clients for all kinds of web manufacturing machines, transport belt circuits, from construction and mineral sites to luggage systems to factories and warehouse package movement circuits.

​The key factor for long life in these parts comes with the design as well as the materials used for fabrication. The rollers have to be reliable, spin freely, and be able to take years of beating without issue. In many systems, one single roller failure can be the difference between success and failure – every roller we produce is of high quality, not to be confused with the countless cheaply made idler rollers common in basic, off-the-shelf conveyors. R2R Engineering provides a wide assortment of high-quality idler rollers for all types of industries. They can be provided as stock size or to client size as needed. If large quantities are needed, mill run aluminum extrusions can be used to offset material costs. If only one idler is needed, R2R Engineering will be glad to take on that project too! Call or email to find out more.

Maintenance Should Always Include Precision Balancing

​High quality industrial rollers will provide a great amount of support for a long time, but everything needs a tune up when it involves rotating/working machinery. Precision balancing can reutilize a roller, expanding its performance expectation for far longer. The same process on new rollers ensures they are built to detailed specifications needed for any specific/custom manufacturing process. In both cases, R2R Engineering can make sure that your rotating equipment is free from unwanted movement variance (vibrations).

​Precision balancing takes a hyper-sensitive vibration and frequency measuring computer system to identify areas of imbalance on rotating equipment. Depending on the accuracy and precision needs of the web manufacturing system, rollers can be balanced to any number of tolerance classes. R2R Engineering regularly provides precision testing and refinement for clients and incorporates all the necessary tools to get the job done right the first time. As a result, they are the go-to provider for precision roller work for hundreds of companies and manufacturers every year.