About us

Time is of the essence, money is tight, and quality with consistency becomes harder and harder to find; these realities of day-to-day business are why R2R Engineering made the choice to begin a new kind of organization. In an industry where the big players are struggling to integrate leading-edge technology into their value streams, doors opened for an organization to rewrite the rules of high-mix low-volume roller and rotating equipment manufacturing.

Leveraging technology with our intimate understanding of roll design AND manufacturing techniques, our focus is to put an end to the idea that one must always compromise when considering Quality, Cost, and Lead Time. “Pick two, you can’t have all three,” We were used to hearing in our industry.

So how do we accomplish this?…Utilizing automation and machine-tool technology to its fullest we reduce steps in our value streams while benefiting from repeatable setups and motions. The concept is that simple.

A hard-working manufacturing and consulting firm based in the North West suburbs of Chicago, R2R Engineering is made up of individuals with years of experience and leadership within the Web Machinery and Roller Manufacturing Industries. Leveraging key relationships within these industries along with our high-precision manufacturing capabilities, each step in crafting our services and solutions are completed in the hands of the-best-of-the-best industry professionals.

In short, we know the answers to the web handling and roll-to-roll challenges you’re facing, and we’ll get you the most cost effective, high quality solutions in a time frame that exceeds your expectations.